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freecycle_lj's Journal

Freecycling On LiveJournal
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The Freecycle network is a national movement built on the premise of exchanging free stuff via the Internet. Based on the old saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”, the goal of freecycling is to keep usable items out the the nation’s landfills while reducing consumerism at the same time.

Freecycling is an online message center that connects people who wish to get rid of stuff with those who can use it. All for free! Many of us have cluttered closets and garages filled with items that are “too good to throw away”. We hang onto stuff because “somebody could use that”. Freecycling can help you free your inner packrat!

I'm a member of a local group as well, but I thought that maybe folks on LJ would enjoy a general, no borders group online.

All states, countries, continents are welcome as long as all involved stay within the limits of the law, and the rules of the community.