I don't really like talking about my flair... (insolentmuse) wrote in freecycle_lj,
I don't really like talking about my flair...

Posting Guidelines

Subject Formatting

  OFFER: Brief description (Location) 
                          ex:  OFFER: Sewing Machine (W. NY)

  WANTED: Brief description (Location) 
                          ex:  WANTED: Pink Fabric (Orange County, CA)

Once you've found your wanted, or given away your offer, please delete your post to prevent clutter, and avoid confusion.

Mods will go through and delete all posts over two months old as well, so if you need to repost at that time, you will be allowed.

Message Body

Please include as much detail as possible, as well as pictures if you have them available. Please post huge (or many) photos behind a cut.

This prevents 30 people posting comments asking questions you'll have to spend time answering ;)

You may also want to repeat your location here, as well as state if you're willing to deliver, pick up, send, who you would prefer to pay for postage etc. Any terms you want to add.
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